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HRVHeart Rate Variability
HRVCroatia (ISO Country code)
HRVHeat Recovery Ventilator
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HRVHeavy Rail Vehicle (trains)
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HRVHistoric Range of Variability (ecology)
HRVHypersonic Research Vehicle
HRVHercules Recovery Vehicle
HRVHeavy Repair Vehicle (wheeled)
HRVHigh-pressure Relief Valve
HRVHome Rekey Variable
HRVHeader Raise Valve
HRVHjallerup Rideklub Vrinsk (Danish)
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The second is a method of estimating ecosystem sustainability to provide numerical targets for adaptively managing ecosystems in a sustainable way, a method referred to as the historic range of variability (HRV) approach (Landres et al.
Data Sources Available to Estimate Historic Range of Variability
Forest Service, we prepared reports for three national forests that assessed the historic range of variability of the upland vegetation (, Dillon et al.
The similar results support earlier conclusions that heavy to moderately harvested forests in Wyoming, such as those on the Bighorn and Medicine Bow National Forests, may be outside the historic range of variability in regard to area disturbed by fire.
Comparison of the historic range of variability of key ecosystem variables to existing conditions can assist development of sustainability standards for managed ecosystems.
The goal of a restoration project should be to return an ecosystem to predisturbance conditions that reflect its historic range of variability," says Egan.
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