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HTGHit the Ground
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HTGHelicopter Training Group (US Navy)
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References in classic literature ?
And then he heard it, the last thing he was to hear, for he was dead ere he hit the ground in the long crashing fall from the saddle.
That was his last idea before the airships seemed to rush up about him as if to look at him, and his car hit the ground and bounded and pitched him out on his head.
From our point of view, we haven't got enough time to do a gradual process - we have to hit the ground running," Hughes said on the club's official website.
Congress sources said as Delhi has been under the control of the Lieutenant Governor for the past few months, the move to hit the ground and be counted was guided by the fact that fresh assembly polls may be held by the end of this year.
A striker who is ready to hit the ground running, like Roberto Soldado, would cost more than PS20m.
The great teams of the past would never have hit the ground running - they'd saunter or meander on to the field, only emerging from the pavilion in dribs and drabs once the last of the scones had been polished off.
But he added: "It was burning wreckage, there was nothing you could do - it hit the ground hard.
So, she hit the ground running again Monday morning, knocking on the doors of some very expensive offices, hoping to come up with some of the $1 million she needs by Jan.
Although there were numerous construction challenges in renovating a 40-year-old building, having worked with Century 21 on three previous major projects, we were able to hit the ground running to achieve their opening day goal.
With our capabilities and experience in many segments of the wood, plastics and paper recycling markets, we plan to hit the ground running," Miller says.
Iran Civil Aviation Organization Chairman Nourollah Rezai Niaraki told Iranian state television that the plane's "left wing hit the ground and caught fire" after it skidded off the runway.
causing the rotor blades to hit the ground and the helicopter.