HoLEPHolmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate
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After obtaining institutional review board approval, we reviewed the data of 122 consecutive HoLEP procedures to assess tissue retrieval between November 2013 and October 2014.
HoLEP is considered a gold standard treatment for BPH and represents a successful, safe and durable treatment for this condition with a lower recurrence rate on long-term follow-up (1).
TURP ile etkinlik ve komplikasyonlar acisindan karsilastirilabilecek tek yontem HoLEP olarak gorUnmektedir (Kanit derecesi: 1a, Oneri derecesi: A).
The researchers point out that HoLEP is more effective at adequately treating all sizes of prostatic enlargement, whereas other laser techniques, such as Green Light Laser, is effective on small to moderate size prostates, similar but not better than TURP and lacks the same long-term durability.
It is faster than HoLEP with equivalent functional outcomes and lower rates of early stress urinary incontinence.
There is a body of clinical evidence that shows that HoLEP provides superior treatment outcomes and is durable long-term.
TURP, transurethral resection of the prostate, has been the standard surgical procedure for the treatment of BPH, however, the body of clinical evidence now shows that HoLEP provides a superior treatment outcome and durability(2).
The dataset of all patients who underwent HoLEP due to BPH, including medical and video records, were reviewed retrospectively and 35 patients were identified as having had a reoperation for residual BPH.
In addition, the holmium laser instruments are relatively expensive and HoLEP requires an unfamiliar, dangerous mechanical tissue morcellator for proper application.
Senior residents (R3-R4-R5) would like additional exposure to GreenLight, bipolar TURP, Olympus PlasmaButton, HoLEP, Thulium and monopolar TURP during their residency (Fig.