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HROHousing Referral Office
HROHogeschool Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
HRORostock (Germany, auto license plate)
HROHuman Resources Outsourcing
HROHuman Resources Office
HROHuman Resource Outsourcing
HROHuman Rights Ordinance
HROHampshire Record Office (UK)
HROHam Radio Outlet
HROHigh-Reliability Organization
HROHarvard- Radcliffe Orchestra (Cambridge, MA)
HROHuman Rights Organization
HROHellenic Railways Organisation (Greece)
HROHarassment Restraining Order
HROHistorische Rezensionen Online (German: Historical Reviews Online)
HROHarrison, AR, USA - Boone County (Airport Code)
HROHigh Resolution Orthophotography
HROHard Rubber Orchestra (band)
HROHumanitarian Relief Operations
HROHospital Regional de Occidente (Guatemala)
HROHumanitarian Relief Organization
HROHigh Risk Operation
HROHighest Rated Offeror
HROHonorary Rural Organizer (trade unions)
HROHostage Release Operation (NATO)
HROHolme Roberts & Owen (law firm; now Bryan Cave HRO (Holme Roberts & Owen); various locations
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Implementing agency : Stichting Hogeschool Rotterdam
EXPERT MEETING STAKEHOLDERS Number of University of Applied Sciences Participants Research University Avans Hogeschool 1 Universiteit Maastricht Hanzehogeschool Groningen 1 TU Delft Hogeschool Leiden 2 TU Eindhoven Hogeschool Rotterdam 2 Universiteit Groningen Hogeschool Utrecht 1 Universiteit Leiden Hogeschool Windesheim 2 Universiteit Tilburg HZ Hogeschool 1 Universiteit Twente NHTV Breda 1 Universiteit Utrecht Saxion Hogescholen 1 Total 12 Total Number of University of Applied Sciences Participants Avans Hogeschool 1 Hanzehogeschool Groningen 3 Hogeschool Leiden 1 Hogeschool Rotterdam 3 Hogeschool Utrecht 7 Hogeschool Windesheim 1 HZ Hogeschool 2 NHTV Breda 5 Saxion Hogescholen Total 24
Hogeschool rotterdam is looking for a partner who cares for: - providing, Installing and maintaining mfps including related services at all locations of the rotterdam university, - two central reproshops for the two reproshops it is claimed that seven fte have been posted through the current supplier.
Hogeschool Rotterdam, Excellente studenten overtreffen zichzelf, de inzet van de Hogeschool Rotterdam voor het Sirius-programma (2009).
Uitwerking competenties honors programma Hogeschool Rotterdam.
Tender announced by STICHTING HOGESCHOOL ROTTERDAM,Netherlands for Contract notice:Provision of Furniture.
To pay the contract includes the unburdening of Hogeschool Rotterdam in Account Services.
The contract includes pay unburdening of Hogeschool Rotterdam in Account Services.
The Christmas attentions that are distributed to the employees of Hogeschool Rotterdam (value pack 45 EUR including VAT).
Hogeschool Rotterdam wants to spend as described in the brief.