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HomePlugPower-Line Networking standard/alliance
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We are pleased to achieve HomePlug Netricity interoperability with our EV8000 modem, said Reza Mirkhani, Vice President of Smart Grid Solutions at Semtech.
The announcement was made at a jointly-hosted seminar in Beijing on 10 June 2014 which highlighted the ability to use HomePlug technologies to improve home networking performance for broadband media devices, as well as enable the smart home or Internet of Things (IoT).
With this milestone, progress in creating an interoperability and certification program for Netricity PLC products will accelerate," said Rob Ranck, president, HomePlug Alliance.
HomePlug products improve connectivity using a home's electrical wiring by simply plugging in and connecting a HomePlug adapter to a broadband modem or router.
org), the worldwide industry group for powerline communications networking, today reports a surge of activity in HomePlug product certifications throughout 2012.
HomePlug technology in today's market: HomePlug AV, HomePlug Green PHY for Smart Energy management, HomePlug industry endorsements and adoptions
The HomePlug Powerline Alliance is the worldwide industry group for powerline communications networking standards, which enables a home's electrical wires to distribute broadband Internet, IPTV and HD video, digital music and smart energy applications.
Today, HomePlug Certified products are available in retail channels from many manufacturers and deployed by over 30 service providers globally.
The HomePlug AV2 specification is based on more than a decade of real-world experience and extensive field tests conducted by the alliance's AV Technical Working Group validating in-home coverage and performance across five countries with wide variances in home construction.
Real World Examples of HomePlug in Action: Todd Antes, VP of Product Management, Networking Business Unit, Qualcomm Atheros Thierry Fernandez, Deputy General Manager and CTO, LEA Networks David Henry, VP Product Management, Retail Business Unit, NETGEAR
Our goal with Netricity PLC is to provide customers such as utility and energy companies the foundation of a global standard with a competitive ecosystem of certified products from many vendors," said Rob Ranck, president of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance.
org), the world's leading industry group for powerline networking, today announced the HomePlug Technology Conference to be held November 8-9, 2011 in San Francisco, California.