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Compared to hop-by-hop 1588v2, the Atom GPS solution can support 1588v2-incapable networks and is free of hop-by-hop measurement.
proposed a hop-by-hop multiplexing method that multiplexes multiple packets from different flows that travel in the same route in one mux-pkt.
Other enhancements include instant "point-and-click" filtering of flows and creation of access control lists (ACLs), auto-discovery and assessment of new network devices, a complete set of Cisco IP SLA tests, on-line web-based reporting, and full hop-by-hop routing path tracking with topology visualizations and analysis.
There is no hop-by-hop decision-making in DTM: channels are rapidly set up, broken down, or adjusted in size as needed.
Using Chariot, IT managers can now perform a traceroute on demand between any two locations; Chariot will report the route taken by the traffic, along with important hop-by-hop information that makes troubleshooting easier.
FiLS-MPLS includes LDP for hop-by-hop LSPs, and both CR-LDP and RSVP modules to create traffic engineered paths in the network.
MPLS replaces the hop-by-hop, individually routed packet model with a connection-oriented model that establishes "paths" to destinations.