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HOPAHousing for Older Persons Act of 1995
HOPAHigher Order Path Adaptation (telecommunications)
HOPAHigh Output Paraffin Actuator
HOPAHungarian Osteoporosis Patients Association
HOPAHorizontal Open Probing Attachment
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As a company dedicated to fulfilling the unmet medical needs of cancer patients and their families, we look forward to working with HOPA to use these survey results as a guide to provide new resources that may help educate patients and their caregivers about CINV prevention.
Evidence that a dodecamer duplication in the gene HOPA in Xq13 is not associated with mental retardation.
If Bosnians, Croatians, or Serbians tell you to hopa, you should step lively because it means 'Jump
While nearly one in 50 individuals of European extraction has the HOPA (Human Opposite Paired Element) polymorphism, only a small minority with the variant gene sequence actually have schizophrenia.
Now owned by the Hopa Group, Pineider asked American women's ready-to-wear designer Rebecca Moses to extend the Pineider brand and legacy to everyday useful objects for the home, home office and lifestyle of its clientele.
Hopa, Simbaye and du Toit (1998:8-14) have investigated the perceptions on integration of traditional and western healing in the new South Africa.
Mr Glazzard and his New Zealand colleague Mr Aaron Hopa, aged 29, both vanished off the Seabulk Hercules in January last year as it returned to Dubai.
Robert Glazzard, 28, and New Zealander Aaron Hopa were found in the sea in January 1999 after vanishing from their boat.
HOPA amended the Fair Housing Act to remove the requirement that such housing must provide "significant facilities and services" in order to qualify for the exemption.
The Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association has released the HOPA Investigational Drug Service Best Practice Standards, the first of its kind that provides the best practice standards and guidance for pharmacists and institutions that conduct clinical trials.
In his speech, Kilicradoglu said that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's anger had turned the northern town of Hopa into a battle field.
Aspireaffiliates will be promoting the renowned online brands Scratch2Cash, Hopa.