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HOPIHome Ownership Preservation Initiative (Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago)
HOPIHybrid Optical and Packet Infrastructure
HOPIHistory of Present Illness
HOPIHorizontal Project for Integration
HOPIHarambee Ombudsman Project, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
HOPIHeating Oil Purchasing Initiative (Regional Economic Community Action Program; New York state)
HOPIHistory of Physicists in Industry
HOPIHelp Our People Improve
HOPIHandbook of Operating Instructions
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A Story of Tenderness and Love is about a young Hopi Indian girl named Talasi.
MA: Out on Hopi, the primary form of jewelry is Hopi Silver Overlay.
Twenty-one vividly colored masks made of leather, horsehair, wood and feathers bought at Monday's auction are being returned to the Hopis and three hood masks to the San Carlos Apaches.
Embassy, were made to delay the auction of the Hopi and San Carlos Apache items.
The tribe's French lawyer Pierre Servan-Schreiber said: "The Hopi tribe will be extremely saddened by the decision, especially since the judgment recognises these masks have a sacred value.
The Hopi tribe will be extremely saddened by the decision, especially since the judgement recognises that these masks have a sacred value.
We are extremely pleased to have entered into this LOI with the Hopi Tribe, and are excited to help them cultivate this economic development opportunity on their private land sections in the Holbrook Basin", commented Joshua Bleak, Passport's President and CEO.
When I was comfortable on the massage table, the hopi ear candle was placed gently in my first ear and lit.
On the Hopi Reservation, it was very easy to be accepted.
The Hopi tribe told Caglayan that they needed around 2,000 residences, roads, potable water, infrastructure works and a shopping mall.
ITmay seem a strange way of healing headaches, placing a wax tube in the ear and setting light to it, but as a therapy Hopi ear candling has become increasingly popular.
Hopi artist and Jeweler, Michael Kabotie, who was an innovator in the American Indian fine arts movement, died at a Flagstaff, Ariz.