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HORUSHigh Orbit Ultraviolet Visible Satellite (NASA)
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His name even suggests his antithetical role; like Horus, a falcon-god, he too may be a god, but an "Ebenezer" (Scrooge) Falcon who hoards power, refusing to share his wealth with others.
I had spent some time helping deaf children and had learned a little Makaton so when I got Horus I began to use it.
The software employs advanced pattern recognition technology, which allows Horus to better assess individual stocks for inclusion in the portfolio based on a determination of the most undervalued and the most overvalued stocks.
That left Horus in front but Ruby Walsh, on his first day back after being out through injury for more than five weeks, brought Cornish Sett to challenge at the second-last.
William Hill: 5-1 Buckby Lane, 6-1 Chauvinist, 8-1 Hand In Hand, It Takes Time, Supreme Prince, 10-1 Le Duc, Venn Ottery, Whereareyounow, 14-1 First Gold, Scots Grey, 16-1 Mouseski, 25-1 Knife Edge, Turgeonev, 28-1 Simply Gifted, 33-1 Marked Man, 40-1 Amberleigh House (doubtful), Avalanche, Horus.
The leader hit three out, where Horus moved smoothly up to challenge, and on the run to the final fence the eventual winner was still hard on the bridle as Conor O'Dwyer went for the whip on the favourite.
Dressage is still probably our weakest phase - it's improved on last year but Polden Horus can still get tense in the arena and there will be a big atmosphere at Blenheim," she concluded.
BRAMBLEHILL DUKE can gain revenge on Horus in the Racecourse Of The Year Handicap Chase at Cheltenham today.
In a tightly argued chapter, she convincingly demonstrates how Shed came to be associated with Horus the child and how that association must he understood in terms of a unio mystica of terrestrial and solar deities.
The next morning, the boat set sail for a visit at the Temple of Horus in Edfu.
Known for his modern dance--trained fluency and beautiful line, Hoisington has a soft lyricism that shows up well in David Bintley's Job and Sons of Horus, pieces that test the dramatic mettle of the men.
FT Sistemas has selected Rockwell Collins to provide its Micro Inertial Navigation Sensor (INS) for the Horus 100, a hand-launched UAV to be deployed by the Brazilian Armed Forces.