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HDHigh Definition
HDHard Drive
HDHeavy Duty
HDHigh Density
HDHuman Developement (course of study)
HDHard Disk
HDHome Depot, Inc. (NYSE symbol)
HDHybrid Digital (radio technology)
HDHappy Days (TV show)
HDHenry Draper (star catalog)
HDHilary Duff
HDHuntington's Disease
HDHot Dog
HDHome Decor
HDHelp Desk
HDHome Defense
HDHeart Disease
HDHome Delivery
HDHarmonic Distortion
HDHögsta Domstolen (Swedish supreme court of justice)
HDHigher Diploma
HDHalf Day
HDHistoric District
HDHot Date (The Sims expansion pack)
HDHuddersfield (postcode, United Kingdom)
HDHigh Distortion
HDHomeland Defense
HDHazardous Drug
HDHodgkin's Disease
HDHelper-Dependent (genes)
HDHip Dysplasia
HDMustard Gas
HDHemorrhagic Disease
HDHelsingborgs Dagblad (Swedish newspaper)
HDHigh Dive
HDHit Dice (role-playing games)
HDHall Director
HDHealth Division
HDHand Dryer (building services)
HDHonorary Degree
HDHemodynamically (stable)
HDHonorable Discharge
HDHighway Department
HDHoe Down (party)
HDHigh Distinction (grade)
HDHyperactive Disorder
HDHousing Department
HDHorizontal Distance
HDHigh Dispersion
HDHazel Dell ( town in SW Washington)
HDHuman Dimension
HDHelm's Deep (JRR Tolkien's The Two Towers)
HDHeaven's Disciples (Christian urban music)
HDHouse Document (USACE)
HDHumanitarian Demining (US Government unexploded ordnance mission areas)
HDHüsker Dü (band)
HDHeat Detector
HDHomeopathic Doctor
HDHydatid Disease
HDHot Desk
HDHarbor Defense
HDHighly Dispersed
HDHeavy Drop
HDHidden Desire
HDHip-Disarticulation (amputation)
HDHurricane Days
HDHarmonization Document
HDHeavy Defense (gaming)
HDHardware Disease (traumatic reticulopericarditis caused by foreign bodies in cattle)
HDHrvatski Dragovoljac (Croatian: Volunteer; Zagreb football club)
HDHelicopter Director
HDHumidity Detector
HDHepatosis Dietetica
HDHeloma Durum
HDHeavy Decoy
HDHorizontal Decelerator
HDHousehold Drivers
HDHalf Sized Diazo Non-Reproducible Drawing
HDHydraulic Fluid, Diving
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Applications run on a server and are fed through a LAN to a Sparc Solaris server hosting Hot Desk and other server-based management software which presents the application to the client through a PC-style desktop environment over dedicated Ethernet connections.
Via its Workplace Banking, a hot desk banking advice service provided to workers on the park, Barclays facilitated the Premier League Trophy's visit, with staff invited to have a photo taken alongside the trophy.
Businesses and individuals in the sector will be able to hot desk at the hub, at a cost of just PS10 a day.
A client can rent a hot desk, which grants them access to a professional office with access to wireless Internet and a printer, through a number of plans that range from $50 for 25 hours per month, to $215 for unlimited access in a month.
For those wanting to be a part of 3MBIC's ethos why not consider joining our exclusive Network Membership which offers many fantastic benefits, including discount off room hire and free access to hot desk facilities.
We are delighted, that as a consequence of the recent signing of some large contracts in Darlington, Newton Aycliffe and North Yorkshire, to be utilising the hot desk facility in Lingfield House to offer our clients a flexible approach to recruitment.
Any road troubles they spot will be quickly reported to the Northumbria Police hot desk, which will be ready to respond to the problems.
Rob Valentine, head of the Birmingham office of Bruntwood which owns the building, said: "The way in which businesses are working is constantly evolving, with less demand for fixed desks but more flexible working spaces, which we will be able to offer with the new lounge and hot desk area, adding a much sought after amenity to the building.
To Formally And Pro-Actively Plan Towards The Exploitation Of The Market Opportunities In The Nigerian Market Enterprise Ireland Is Proposing To Award A Contract For One Year, With The Option To Extend Annually For An Up To 3 Year Period, Subject To Satisfactory Performance, Business Needs And Budgetary Constraints, For The Provision Of In-Market Trade Consultancy Service Including The Provision Of A Virtual Office And Hot Desk Facilities In Lagos, Nigeria.
Recently East Durham Business Service has expanded the portfolio of support it offers businesses and budding entrepreneurs and in response to their needs, it has added a training suite and hot desk facilities.