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HRPHorseradish Peroxidase
HRPHistoric Royal Palaces (UK)
HRPHuman Rights Program (various locations)
HRPHalf Rate Plus
HRPHitler Rants Parodies (satire website)
HRPHot Rolled Plate (various companies)
HRPHealth Research and Policy
HRPHuman Research Program (US NASA)
HRPHuman Reliability Program
HRPHalden Reactor Project (OECD)
HRPHigh-Risk Plaque (research initiative)
HRPHuman Resource Planning
HRPHousing Rehabilitation Program
HRPHarm Reduction Program (various organizations)
HRPHumanitarian Response Program (Ethiopia)
HRPHigh Risk Personnel
HRPHutt River Province (self-proclaimed country in Western Australia)
HRPHardware Reference Platform (PowerPC)
HRPHigh Resolution Process
HRPHorizontal Radiation Pattern (antenna)
HRPHuman Remains Pouch
HRPHotfix Rollup Package (software)
HRPHigh Resolution Picture
HRPHome Reversion Plan (UK)
HRPHighland Regional Program
HRPHigh-Resolution Profilometry
HRPHighway Regulating Point
HRPHolding & Reconsignment Point
HRPHigh Rate Protection (Tadiran)
HRPHelicopter Reference Point
HRPHuman Resources Procedure
HRPHydraulic Retarder Pressure
HRPHeat Resisting Paint
HRPHappy Relationship Paranoia
HRPHarmonie Royale Policière de Charleroi (Belgium)
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Soubert said there was 'no pressure' to disband but that most of its members had been absorbed into the now-defunct CNRP and the HRP did not want to give any credence to flawed elections.
ST) announced on Wednesday the unconditional approval by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) of its acquisition of HRP Holdings Limited (HRP).
In addition, we followed a CRT and an HRP through a month's worth of exercises conducted in the Republic of Korea during October 2011.
Our approach is to assemble HRP onto a nanocomposite material of MWCNTs and 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate (EMIMPF6) modified GC electrode by adsorption.
This report will discuss the general overview of Hot Rolled Plate (HRP) market in Indonesia with special emphasize on HRP of 20 mm and higher thickness which are used extensively in steel structure industry, steel fabrication, heavy equipment (yellow goods), shipbuilding industry, boiler/ pressure vessels/ power generation equipment etc.
Accordingly, the HRP 1000 R3 features an assistant that can produce GS1 128 bar codes in a very simple way.
On Sunday, the ruling Cambodian People's Party leaked the record of a 24-minute conversation between Hun Sen and Kem Sokha just three days after the HRP was launched in July 2007.
The HRP claimed that over 2,000 Indians students had their applications for scholarships rejected by the Government despite them passing their exams with flying colours.
Thus, it is not clear yet whether the HRP retrograde labeling is really correlated with the neural activity in the mammalian central nervous system.