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HRTFHead Related Transfer Function (3D Audio)
HRTFHuman Rights Task Force (est. 1991; Sri Lanka)
HRTFHuman-Rated Test Facility (US NASA)
HRTFHuman Resources Task Force
HRTFHarm Reduction Task Force (health)
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Distance to objects is Simulator encoded by the amplitude for Audio of sound Visually- Depth image map is Impaired converted into an audio People map by using the HRTF Top/bottom position- frequency of sound The Vibe audio (low/high pitch) Left/right position- left/right panning The color of objects is encoded by musical See Color Audio instruments sounds Distance is encoded by the length of sound Top/bottom position- The Voice Audio frequency of sound (low/high pitch) Tactile matrix that enables Kinect for Haptic users to perceive the depth the blind of objects Distance is encoded by Real- sound frequency (low/high Time pitch) Assistance Audio 3D directional sound by Prototype using the Head Related Visual- Commercial Aid Addressability deviec System VR.
Introduction to head-related transfer functions (HRTFs): Representations of HRTFs in time, frequency, and space (invited tutorial).
Finally, the difference in performance between the free-field and virtual audio conditions might have been caused by the spatial resolution of the HRTF set.
Tenders are invited for Repair ans Supply of maintenance spares for online mass spectrometer of HRTF
Most 3D audio technologies store HRTFs for only a finite set of locations and interpolate the HRTF for intermediate locations.
With a combination of patent-pending mechanical and electronic innovations, Niro was able to create a revolutionary implementation of HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) theory.
Tenders are invited for Preventive Maintenance Checks For: - Itft , Hrtf , Fmtf & Mechanical Workshop Air Compressors.
These interaural difference and spectral cues serve to "code" an auditory signal's position in space, and the HRTF captures this code for any given position in auditory space.
Each of the three new sound cards is based on the ESS Canyon3D-2 family that uses Sensaura's True HRTF 3D positional MultiDrive(TM) technology for rich multi-speaker and three-dimensional sound effects and audio placement.
Air Force and tested in this experiment uses a generic HRTF derived from a Knowles Electronic Manikin for Acoustic Research with 90th percentile pinna.