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HRTFHead Related Transfer Function (3D Audio)
HRTFHuman Rights Task Force (est. 1991; Sri Lanka)
HRTFHuman-Rated Test Facility (US NASA)
HRTFHuman Resources Task Force
HRTFHarm Reduction Task Force (health)
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V3D employs patented reverberation techniques coupled with a highly efficient HRTF processing engine yielding a very powerful configuration.
The NIROSON(R) processing is a revolutionary implementation of an HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function) algorithm.
With a combination of patent-pending mechanical and electronic innovations, Niro was able to create a revolutionary implementation of HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) theory.
Each of the three new sound cards is based on the ESS Canyon3D-2 family that uses Sensaura's True HRTF 3D positional MultiDrive(TM) technology for rich multi-speaker and three-dimensional sound effects and audio placement.