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HUDOCHuman Rights Documentation
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Isyar v Bulgaria European Court of Human Rights HUDOC database http://echr.
Kamasinski v Austria European Court of Human Rights HUDOC database http://echr.
By combining Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint with a SkyDox search user interface, the new HUDOC database enables simpler and more scalable searching, fostering improved public access - from any browser or device - to the 90,000-plus documents stored on the database.
paragraph] [paragraph] 58-66, available at HUDOC, http://hudoc.
paragraph] [paragraph] 76-79, 92, available at HUDOC, http://hudoc.
HUDOC acts as a central document repository for human rights services and a portal to all decisions and judgements made by the Court.
Having secured the award for best document management solution in two previous years, we are delighted with this recognition of the HUDOC solution as early evidence of our work in the direction of web-based portal technologies.