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HUIHandelns Utredningsinstitut (Swedish: Research Institute of Trade)
HUIHeater Unit, Infrared
HUIHöllenschnelles Ultraeinfaches Internet
HUIHealth Utility Index
HUIHuman User Interface
HUIHue, Vietnam (Airport Code)
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We have witnessed the role of Grand Hyatt Beijing in the success of Hui Xian REIT's Beijing Oriental Plaza for the past 18 years," said H L Kam, chairman, Hui Xian Asset Management Limited.
Based in China, Ying Peng Hui Kang Fund is a merger and acquisition fund focusing on the medical and healthcare industry.
and Hengqin Investment entered into a general partner framework agreement pursuant to which, subject to the company and Guotai Junan entering into a legally-binding agreement, the company intends to become one of the general partners and fund managers of Ying Peng Hui Kang Fund with the rights, powers, benefits and obligations equivalent to those of Guotai Junan in the Ying Peng Hui Kang Fund.
BI spokesperson Antonette Mangrobang said that He Hui had been in the bureau's watch list since April 29 after the board of commissioners ordered his summary deportation.
When Ah Hui met her husband, she saw from his habit of opening doors with his feet to avoid dirtying his hands that he was an Ah Yau.
It is a simple tale," Hui says, "very familiar to Chinese people, but with a look that is very different to what they are used to seeing.
The present study employs the case study research methods used in the social sciences, which entails the observation, description and analysis of a particular case: the Hui Muslim community of Xi'an.
Hui, 66, was found guilty on Friday of three counts of misconduct in public office and two counts of conspiracy to commit misconduct.
Here's the account of the Sunday Mirror's Laura Elvin of Michelle and Ross Hui and their unexpected (to put it mildly) baby girl, Megan.
When Stanley Hui Hon-chung, the chief executive officer of Airport Authority () Hong Kong, was asked aboutthe status of the third runway project, he replied that it is a work in progress situation.
A report published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases by Dr David Hui of the Chinese University of Hong Kong said H7N9 flu virus spreads easily and more among the Chinese because of the IFITM3 gene (interferon-induced transmembrane protein-3 gene).
Chosun Ilbo, a major newspaper in South Korea, reported that Kyong Hui, 67, has either 'committed suicide or died from a heart attack'.