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HUKBALAHAPHukbong Bayan Laban Sa Hapon (People's Anti-Japanese Army; Philippines)
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In 1950, the Communist-dominated Hukbalahap (Huk) insurgency in the Philippines suffered when its Manila-based infrastructure was compromised and its files captured.
After World War II, land conflicts in Luzon increased as peasants armed themselves and joined the Hukbalahap guerrillas.
Phillips first came to Vietnam in 1954 as a 24-year-old Army second lieutenant on detail to CIA and assigned to work for the legendary Ed Lansdale, already a seminal figure in the annals of counterinsurgency because of his success, as an advisor to Philippine Defense Minister (later President) Ramon Magsaysay, in facilitating the Filipino defeat of the communist Hukbalahap insurgency in the early 1950s.