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HBMHigh Bandwidth Memory
HBMHuman Body Model
HBMHorizontal Boring Machine (manufacturing)
HBMHost Based Multicast
HBMHandle on Bit Map
HBMHealth Belief Model (psychological)
HBMHuman Brain Mapping
HBMHitman: Blood Money (game)
HBMHottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (German company)
HBMHudson Bay Mining (Canada)
HBMHabitations à Bon Marché (French: Low-Cost Housing)
HBMHigh Bone Mass
HBMHybrid Bilayer Membrane
HBMHigh Brightness Monitor (Marell)
HBMHumming Bird Medal
HBMHer/His Britannic Majesty
HBMHelicoidal Bianisotropic Media
HBMHoming Ballistic Missile
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In the current online edition of the journal Human Brain Mapping, Paul Thompson, senior author and a UCLA professor of neurology, and lead author Cyrus A.
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The study is published in the journal Human Brain Mapping.
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