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HFHigh Frequency (3-30 MHz; 100-10m)
HFHeart Failure
HFHydrogen Fluoride
HFHalf Life (game)
HFHedge Fund
HFHigh Fidelity
HFHave Fun
HFHigh Functioning
HFHot Fix
HFHarrison Ford
HFHarvest Festival (various organizations)
HFHolland Festival (est. 1947)
HFHarbor Freight
HFHalogen Free
HFHistorisk-Filosofiske Fakultet (Department of Arts, University of Oslo, Norway)
HFHellfire (antiarmor, laser guided, air-to-ground weapon)
HFHeritage Foundation
HFHuman Factor(s)
HFHack Forum (anime)
HFHip Fracture
HFHigh Five (internet gaming)
HFHorizontal Flight (aviation)
HFHemorrhagic Fever
HFHappy Face
HFHlutafelag (Icelandic corporate designation)
HFHelicopter Flight
HFHuck Finn (book)
HFHot Finish (steel)
HFHigh Force
HFHeroic Fantasy
HFHard Failure
HFHyper Fighting (Street Fighter: Hyper Fighting game)
HFHydroflouric (Acid)
HFHageman Factor
HFHome Fleet (British, WWII)
HFHeight Finder
HFHuman Failure
HFHydrogen Fill
HFHabitat Fragmentation (conservation biology)
HFHazard Function
HFHapag Lloyd Flug (IATA airline code)
HFHázi Feladat (Hungarian: homework)
HFHidden Frontier (Star Trek internet-based fanfilm)
HFHaze Filter
HFHeight-Finding (radar)
HFHorizontal Fusion
HFHigh Forage
HFHonda Foundry Co., Ltd. (Japan)
HFHarlequin Fetus
HFHarassing Fire
HFHormone Foundation
HFHarmony Foundation
HFHabbo Forum
HFHydro Foil
HFHonor Farm (Alabama prison program)
HFHazards Forum
HFFailed in the House (defeated business of the House of Representatives, North Carolina)
HFHellforge (gaming, Diablo 2)
HFHouse Forsaken (gaming guild)
HFHandling Fixture
HFHammer Forum
HFHydraulfunktion (Swedish electrohydraulics manufacturer)
HFHomeLAN Federation (gaming administrators)
HFHinkle Fieldhouse (Indiana)
HFHemochromatosis Foundation
HFHarrier Force
HFHazard of Failure
HFHybridization Factor
HFHead Foreman
HFHolmesdale Fanatics (football ultras group)
HFHoly Fudge (polite form)
HFHatof Foundation
HFHeredes Fecerunt (Latin: His/Her Heirs Made, epigraphy)
HFHeres Fecit (Latin: His/Her Heir Made, epigraphy)
HFHull Fitter
HFHold For/Held For
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Khatauli (Uttar Pradesh) [India], August 21 ( ANI ): In the aftermath of the derailment of Utkal Express on Saturday, Railway Safety Commissioner Shailesh Kumar Pathak said, based on preliminary investigation, the accident could be attributed to human failure.
The first step is to be honest about your own fallibilities and acknowledge human failure rates are inevitable.
But for the time being, he added, "Yarmouk shall remain a testament to the collective human failure of protecting civilians in times of war.
In the meantime, the tragedy unfolding inAl-Yarmouk shall remain a testament to the collective human failure of protecting civilians in times of war.
While Mr Hughes suggest that the likes of Tony Benn could also be classied as a class traitor, he fails to appreciate that there are wealthy businessmen and middle class electors who support the Labour Party in the knowledge that unless we build a fair society in which the lowest classes are able to enjoy a fair share of the nation's wealth and opportunities exist for social mobility, society will be burdened with human failure to the detriment of all classes.
It's ironic, although hardly unexpected, that this demonstration of human failure actually endeared him to skeptical followers of this most controversial of sports.
Failing to recognise human failure in any organisation was "naive", the archbishop said.
Ads yapping out the refrain "Romney the gilded versus Obama the human failure," will become the Republican rallying cry.
However, he added: "There was a failure in the well itself which has nothing to do with human failure.
Their absence would be a sure sign of human failure, a failure that would soon affect more than just fish.
Among these are high-quality design and construction, the use of equipment preventing operational disturbances or human failure and error from developing into problems, comprehensive efforts to monitor and regularly test for equipment or operator failures as well as provisions to confine the effects of severe fuel damage to the plant itself.
Managing human factors in safety critical task planning can help reduce the chance of human failure, which otherwise could lead to a major accident.
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