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Thus knowing these segment measurements, which are defined is very helpful for determining the humerus length.
In comparison to the findings of this study, the total mean values of the total humerus length was 283.
Toe length, femur length, head length, lamellae number and humerus length were the variables with highest load on each component, respectively.
Previous research shows that long-bone length in deer mice increases with individual age until adult size is attained (Svihla, 1934; McIntosh, 1955; King and Eleftheriou, 1960; Layne, 1968); there is a strong positive allometric relationship between humerus length and body weight and between femur length and body weight.
femur lengths and humerus lengths in the agricultural and non-agricultural collections FEMUR Frequency Agricultural Non-agricultural 8.
Fifteen characters showed too little variation within the family--were too consistent--to be useful: Degree of ossification of the nasal septum, degree of ossification of the nasal conchs, presence or absence of a horizontal flange of the nasal septum (= floor of the nasal capsule), rostral palatines twisted or not, shape of orbital process of quadrate bone, shape of retroarticular process of mandible, completeness of rostral palate, shape of process 7b of mandible, shape of pseudotemporal process of mandible, presence or absence of a free lacrimal bone, degree of fusion of pterygoid-palatine junction, ratio of ulna length: humerus length, ratio of tibiotarsus length: tarsometatarsus length, degree of squamosal inflation, shape and size of the rostral end of the vomer.
The three characters in which both species of Padda were outside Lonchura were ratio of humerus length to femur length, ratio of ulna length to femur length and caudal basibranchial shape.
Ultrasound markers that qualify as medium markers of Down syndrome include femur or humerus length below the fifth percentile, intracardiac echogenic foci, ventricular megaly, and pleural effusion, she said.
Humerus length increases somewhat faster than does basal skull length, but somewhat more slowly than does total skull length (Fig.
In this case, the two smallest wolves have humerus lengths of 194 mm and 197.