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HUNHungarian (language)
HUNHacettepe Üniversitesi (Turkey)
HUNHackers Underground Network
HUNHualien, Taiwan - Hualien (Airport Code)
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Of the Central European countries--Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic all but the Czech Republic are seeing the rise of politicians who combine "right-wing" attitudes toward public and private morality with "left-wing" ideas about economics.
The support of Hungary is very important, said Yakis.
Trade between Macedonia and Hungary is rather low, standing at 54-58 million dollars in recent years with constant deficit on Macedonia's side.
There is a lot of scope for economic cooperation between Pakistan and Hungary in a number of areas including energy, sports goods, textile, surgical instruments etc.
However, our first assessment shows the severe impact of the new advertising tax in Hungary: it will force RTL Hungary in a structurally loss-making position and will also reduce RTL Group s net profit in 2014.
In 1921, the United States established diplomatic relations with Hungary following the end of the First World War.
Meanwhile, the commemoration of the 1956 revolution in Hungary showed that the transition from dictatorship to democracy is far from complete.
Gazprom offers "guaranteed energy security" for Hungary if the latter consents to "joint" construction of additional transit pipeline and storage capacities in the country and long-term supply contracts.
Alcoa Hungary is the 15th largest employer in the country, with 5,500 jobs.
Michael LaBelle, an assistant professor at the Central European University in Budapest, said it made sense for Gazprom to store gas in Hungary and the move would also help Hungary in the event that supply is cut off.
In 2013, passenger car tyres accounted for the largest share in the Hungary tyre market, followed by the commercial vehicle tyre segment.
According to a recently published report by TechSci Research, " Hungary Tyre Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019 " , the tyre market in Hungary is forecast to surpass US$ 600 million by the year 2014.
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