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HURHuman Resources
HURHovedstadens Udviklingsråd (Danish: Capital's Traffic and Development Council)
HURHitachi Universal Replicator
HURHeat under Reflux
HURHitachi Universal Replicator (software)
HURHigh Usage Report
HURHydrant Utilization Rate (US Air Force)
HURHigh Update Rate
HURHomes Using Radio
HURHeatup Rate
HURHardware Utilization Requirement
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During the journey, Ben Hur encounters Jesus Christ and is changed by Christ's example.
Hur predicted the import of shale gas into Korea would help to set what he described as a "floor price" for LNGs at about $11 per million BTU, but added that South Korea would remain dependent for the foreseeable future on gas imports from Qatar and elsewhere.
In the fourth quarter, Al Hur continued the onslaught as Navalles opened the hostilities with his third triple then Bularon combined with Pardillo, Munoz, and Villariza in 22-17 run and gun for a 92-87 cushion with 4:26 remaining.
Hur is an ambitious step which reflects the commitment of Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development to spread knowledge, and enhance communication and team spirit among its employees.
LONDON: The epic tale of Ben Hur is being revived with thundering horses, blazing lights, dramatic music and a huge cast in an arena spectacular which gets its world premiere in London on Thursday.
As Namlin Hur demonstrates in Death and Social Order in Tokugawa Japan, the danka system's "economy of death" met the needs of both the government and the Buddhist establishment.
June Mathis signed her first contract for working on Ben-Hur on 15 July 1922 ("Ben Hur Titles").
I think losing to Hart is just another step for us to overcome," outfielder Michael Hur said.
It was also observed that the expression of HuR is up-regulated in the stromal compartment of tumors and, to a lesser degree, in the intestinal epithelial cells.
Whether playing the lead in Intolerance, King of Kings, The Greatest Story Ever Told, or Godspell--or casting a shadow from offstage in Ben Hur, Quo Vadis, The Robe, or Barabbas--Jesus has proved to be more popular down at the Roxy than Tarzan, the Marx Brothers, or Jane Austen.
Hur Pan Young, 73, fled North Korea in April last year while working as a coal miner in Onsong, North Hamgyong Province, the intelligence agency said.
It's indisputable that the number of Oscars Titanic won tied the record set by Ben Hur in 1959.