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HOHigh Output
HOHead Office
HOHonduras (Swan Islands)
HOHome Office
HOHolstein (cattle breed)
HOHomeowners (multiple line insurance policy covering both property and liability for homeowners)
HOHigh Order
HOHold On
HOHold Off
HOHonest Opinion
HOHoger Onderwijs (Dutch)
HOHand Off
HOHammer On (guitar technique)
HOHide Out
HOHearing Officer
HOHeavy Oil
HOHippocratic Oath
HOHydrographic Office
HOHouse Officer
HOHistory Office
HOHarmonic Oscillator
HOHeadquarters Office
HOHeterotopic Ossification (orthopedics)
HOHostilities Only
HOHearing Office (Social Security)
HOHinder Ordonnantie (Indonesian: Hinder Ordinance)
HOHandelsorganisation (GDR trade organization)
HOHumanitarian Operation
HOHeavy Offense (gaming)
HOHand Orthosis
HOHurst Olds (automobile)
HOHospitalisation d'Office (French)
HOHardware Overhead
HOHip Orthosis
HOHip Opener (stretching exercise)
HOHierorts (Austrian German: local or locally)
HOHalf O Scale
HOHeight Obstacle
HOHorizontal Overscan
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Production of electrical energy as green energy by using fuel cells, including hydrogen/oxygen fuel cell, which results in the production of water as the final product in the reaction, does not pollute the environment at all.
The new hydrogen/oxygen inflator which is called APG (for Autoliv Passenger-inflator Gas) will primarily be used in frontal airbags for the front-passenger side where higher gas quantities are required than for other airbags in a vehicle.
Serious work began in Japan in 1955 when the Government Research Institute conducted research and development on hydrogen/oxygen and hydrazine/air cells.
The H2 Reactor uses the process of electrolysis to convert water into a hydrogen/oxygen gas which is then used to power its original internal combustion engine.
By converting the components of water into its primary elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen and introducing the hydrogen/oxygen gas it produces in conjunction with the regular fuel, the Hydrogen Generators show how to improve the fuel economy of an engine from 15 - 45%.
The power plant, known as an "engineering model" includes an advanced hydrogen/oxygen PEM fuel cell stack that provides 30 volts and up to 12 kilowatts of power without any power electronics, providing weight and reliability advantages.
The new RS-83 engine system will be staged-combustion, liquid hydrogen/oxygen, providing improved controllability and increased reliability that even surpasses the mission success of the only current reusable engine for human spaceflight, Boeing Rocketdyne's Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME).
As a "Contract Systems Integrator," American Energy will play a critical and necessary role in getting Hydrogen/Oxygen based fuel cell systems and other renewable energy solutions into the global marketplace.
As a "Contract Systems Integrator," American Energy plays a critical role in getting Hydrogen/Oxygen based fuel cell systems and other renewable energy solutions into the global marketplace.
The onboard Watergas generators are capable of producing Watergas (a blended hydrogen/oxygen gas) that is then mixed with the inlet air of the vehicle's engine to enhance the existing vehicle's fuel source, primarily diesel or gasoline products.
PROTON's system, labeled a HOGEN (for Hydrogen/Oxygen GENerator), will make 300 standard cubic feet per hour of hydrogen utilizing 50 kW of power and about two gallons of water per hour.