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I-CASEIntegrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering
I-CASEIndiana Council for Advancement and Support of Education
I-CASEIowa Council for Administrators of Special Education
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Logicon's I-CASE work is performed in Arlington, Va.
As new Sun products are released, they will automatically be added to the I-CASE contract, allowing government customers to purchase the very latest products.
The addition of Composer to Logicon's I-CASE contract affords all U.
LOGICASE, Logicon's I-CASE development environment, is the major offering of the I-CASE contract.
Case, the USAF I-CASE Program Manager, in announcing the availability of the contract: "This contract provides the technological foundation that will enable government developers to provide better, faster software for their customers at lower costs.
amp;uot;Having AFMC select Logicon's I-CASE to assist with this complex and speedy acquisition was successful because of our ongoing relationship with each of the selected suppliers as well as our experience with previous DoD-wide software acquisitions,&uot; said Vince Steckler, vice president of Logicon's Applications Solutions unit.
Nasdaq: IFMX) the leading provider of parallel processing database technology, and Westmount Technology today announced a joint development agreement to integrate Westmount's object-oriented CASE-product, Westmount I-CASE Object Modeling Technique (OMT) with Informix's second-generation client/server development tool, INFORMIX-NewEra.
Mercator was added to Logicon's I-CASE contract with the federal government, making Mercator part of Logicon's schedule of approved software.
These agencies will be using I-CASE to reduce the cost and risk of their software development efforts.
1 goes several steps beyond legacy I-CASE products by helping organizations with diverse, complex information systems close the gap between their development efforts and their strategic plan," said Product Marketing Manager Keith Harmon.
The DoD plans to use the I-CASE system to establish a single, common Software Engineering Environment (SEE) for the development of automated information systems.
NASDAQ:TSFW), a leading provider of software application integration solutions for the SAP R/3 and other business environments, today announced it has been added to Logicon's I-CASE contract with the federal government.