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In the case of an electronic problem, the I-Net Team can be called on but, in extreme cases, information managers will print electronic documents on paper and fax or hand-deliver them.
I-Net will augment Hitachi Sunway's IMS solutions portfolio to offer complete data center services, IT outsourcing and infrastructure managed services for large IT infrastructure developments and call center operations.
With a $5,000 loan from her husband -- who is now I-NET's CFO -- and additional financing from a Small Business Administration program allowing minority-owned companies special access to government contracts, Bajaj hired some computer specialists, and I-NET got its first contract to upgrade the Department of Commerce's word processors.
We are seeing increasing demand for a way to automate the logon process to eliminate user frustration with the password burden as well as forgotten passwords, insecure written password lists, and excessive password-related help desk calls," said Michael Tan, Managing Director of I-Net.
The basic building blocks of I-Net Video Center(TM) provide individuals with an easy way to enjoy their digital experiences anytime, anywhere.
I-NET CENTER(TM) is a powerful yet simple web solution that drives member activity, awareness, and unity.
i-Net Center(TM) is flexible enough to handle the functionality needed for personal and business web site creation as well as to support all aspects of governance, education, and healthcare required by developing countries.
Our approach has been to stick to what we do best - delivering credible information and data in a user-friendly format," says Anina Morley, Executive Director of I-Net Bridge.
uk; or Kim Mountjoy, Marketing Manager, I-Net Bridge, +27-2711-280-0835, kim@inet.
I-Net specializes in the development and implementation of customized turnkey corporate and government e-solutions such as Internet/Intranet design, maintenance and hosting; video editing, streaming and hosting; interactive CDs; trade show exhibit design; database development and management; and CD, video and diskette reproduction.
Previously, he was the Vice President of strategy and marketing at I-NET, Inc.
The merger also broadens Sorrento's blue-chip customer base by adding 25 customers, including Time Warner Telecom, Hawaii I-Net, Yipes Enterprise Services, and numerous universities.