I-RIschemia and Reperfusion (injury)
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The increase of MDA levels indicated the presence of oxidative damage I-R injury induced on ipsilateral testes.
These data collectively support that testes I-R injury causes oxidative response as evidenced by alterations in testes MPO, MDA and GSH levels.
But the band has grown to an orchestra as I-R has diversified its product portfolio over the last two years as part of a strategy to focus on products specifically targeting the midsized contractor.
I-R's core product line still includes air compressors and light towers but has gradually grown to include mobile generators which I-R, through its Utility Equipment Division, will launch a total of 11 new models.
KMT president, Lars Bergstrom, says that the holding group that owns I-R is only interested in $500-million-turnover operations; so in effect the I-R Waterjet operation is "small fry.
com to major competitors Caterpillar, Emerson, and York International, I-R ranked dead last in net profit margin and returns on equity, assets, and invested capital.
But the directive at I-R was to "design anywhere, build anywhere.
I-R matches the installed PTO to the output of the power options installed, Biehler said, allowing the engine "to operate at an acceptable speed.
According to ABB I-R Waterjet Systems, off-line programming can significantly increase waterjet cutting productivity, offering several advantages over the traditional use of on-line programming, where work is done directly on the robot.
EZ-Lock operates independent of the material handler's other operating systems so its functionality and performance are not affected, said I-R.
I-R will design and manufacture oil-free rental air compressors for Aggreko's global network, which includes 108 locations in 24 countries.