I-STARIndiana Students Taught Awareness and Resistance (adolescent drug-abuse prevention project; est. 1987; Indianapolis, IN)
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Under the direction of our Chief Scientific Officer, Kristine Swiderek, PhD, our collaboration with Pfizer continues to demonstrate the power of I-STAR technology to identify unique antibodies against novel targets, commented Clifford Stocks, Chief Executive Officer of Theraclone.
The I-STAR platform allows comprehensive interrogation of this memory B cell archive.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the most endearing fads of the 70's - the PET ROCKS(R) -- will be re-introduced to the world by I-STAR ENTERTAINMENT, LLC on April 18/19, 2009, opening weekend of "Earth Week," at PET ROCKS(R) Scavenger Hunts in nine (9) locations in six (6) major markets - New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, DC
According to veteran toy industry executive Marty Abrams, CEO of I-STAR ENTERTAINMENT, "We believe that natural disasters - earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, etc.
I-STAR will release the initial 12 PET ROCKS(R) at Toys"R"Us nationally starting in March of this year.
IBM has only officially committed to doubling the scalability of the next line of AS/400s sometime in 2000, incidentally, although that official statement is so recent that the people who made it to me a few months ago obviously knew that IBM was considering pushing out the I-Stars already.
If not, IBM knows it has I-Stars available in early 2000.
Right now, it looks like the Pulsars will run at between 450MHz and 525MHz, mainly because IBM won't hit higher speeds until it announces the I-Stars next year, which will run at 560MHz thanks to the extra clock speeds that are enabled through the use of IBM's other advanced chip technology, silicon-on insulator.