I-STARIndiana Students Taught Awareness and Resistance (adolescent drug-abuse prevention project; est. 1987; Indianapolis, IN)
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OncoResponse interrogates the human immune system using I-STAR technology to discover therapeutic antibodies against novel immuno-oncology targets.
This Ebola project expands upon the multitude of ongoing partnerships we have with our I-STAR technology demonstrating its broad applicability across diverse areas, including oncology, HIV and other infectious diseases.
The unaudited financial statements dated 12/31/1999 and 6/30/2000 record that the company has expended approximately US $500,000 to date on the development of I-STARS (Internet Strategic Advertising Response System), its' proprietary ad - serving system.
The funds will be used to complete the development of the I-STARS technology, marketing of the service and working capital.
I-STAR Canada Internet Service software including Netscape Navigator(TM) 2.
While the S80 uses the new 450 MHz Pulsar processor (which is basically a Northstar processor re-implemented in IBM's CMOS-7S copper chip fabrication process) and a whole new memory subsystem and high-bandwidth I/O subsystem to match it, the AS/400 I-Stars were going to use a faster 560 MHz processor in the same S80 frame.
If not, IBM knows it has I-Stars available in early 2000.
Right now, it looks like the Pulsars will run at between 450MHz and 525MHz, mainly because IBM won't hit higher speeds until it announces the I-Stars next year, which will run at 560MHz thanks to the extra clock speeds that are enabled through the use of IBM's other advanced chip technology, silicon-on insulator.