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Integrated high speed sourcing and measurement capabilities, which allow for ultra-fast I-V testing
To download a free copy of "Ultra-Fast I-V Applications for the Model 4225-PMU Ultra-Fast I-V Module," visit: http://www.
How to properly connect an Ultra-Fast I-V instrument to a probe station
Limitations in Ultra-Fast I-V, including Johnson Noise and others
Typical applications employ its fast source-measure capabilities to generate I-V curves, measure the resistance of DUTs such as MEMSs and circuit protection diodes, and characterize many other passive and active devices.
Unlike other modular test systems, the Model 4500-MTS Multi Channel I-V Test System is optimized for low noise, high current sourcing, while maintaining a well-controlled environment for sensitive measurements.
I-V characterization of metal films, low-resistance crystal structures, contacts and contact phenomena, superconducting materials, and Josephson and related devices.