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I-MACIsynchronous Media Access Controller
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I notice that the translucent I-Mac computer look has become America's new style," observes Paul Jordan, director of marketing and sales at European Gift and Housewares.
Now in i-Mac transluscent red and blue, with a wee torch thrown in
Tenders are invited for raid storage, 4k camera for multicam, led lights, i-mac 27inch, graphics work station
Through recent strategic acquisitions, alliances, and product developments, Honeywell Process Solutions has taken its greatest differentiator -- its ability to integrate a wide portfolio of products -- to extend the Mac (main automation contractor) role into an integrated main automation contractor, or I-Mac.
If you have ever been the owner of the classic I-Mac you'll know how indispensable even a pathetic 1.
Winners of the competition, which is open to 14 to 18-year-olds, will receive a range of prizes including an I-Mac computer, tickets to a Titanic Ball and design software worth pounds 100.
At the Matador Bookstore, behind a high, curving glass wall, Tom Spoulanger, a 28-year-old psychology major, checked his e-mail and caught up on his fantasy football league draft statistics on one of six new I-Mac computers in the nation's first cyber-cafe and Krispy Kreme doughnut shop.
Why have more than a million British households spurned cheaper alternatives and bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner or Apple i-Mac computer to fill the space under the stairs or occupy the spare room?
And the return of the Apple computer, with the new I-Mac models, has dampened enthusiasm for PC-related Windows products - the core of the pounds 5.