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I20Intelligent Input/Output
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I20 is an open standard designed for single, multiprocessor or clustered processor systems in heterogeneous network environments.
Since its founding in 1993, SUPERMICRO has led the industry in delivering leading edge technology such as the I20 architecture.
Features include an I20 interface support plus XOR and ECC hardware.
According to Kim, Hyundai's investment at the Kocaeli plant for I20 cars will amount to almost 100 million USD.
The Inspector I20 allows the user greater on-site flexibility and precision with exciting new features such as exchangeable lenses to suit different application requirements and add-on I/O functionality to meet even more control and information requirements from users, facilitating inspection of more and more complex product features.
Developed in cooperation with Intel, the new PLX PCI9080 chip, the first PCI chip to implement the I20 specification, is now being designed into a number of server- and client-side computing products such as 100 base Ethernet and Ultra SCSI adapters which employ Intel's popular 80960 processor family.
Pentium, I20 and i960 are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation.
Five door models arrived a fortnight ago, with the first three-door i20s due in April.
So new is the car that five-door models have just arrived, with the three-door i20s due in a couple of weeks.