IAAFAInter-American Air Forces Academy
IAAFAIndian Academy of Advertising Film Art (awards)
IAAFAIndian Amateur Australian Football Association
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The A-29 air-advising mission allows the IAAFA to further improve this effort.
As previously noted, robust air-advising experience and knowledge of A-29 Super Tucano combat operations and maintenance in Afghanistan will posture the service to train and advise PNs at the IAAFA, across Latin America, and wherever these aircraft may be flown.
Dave Lopez, "Bullet Background Paper on Initiatives to Incorporate A-29 Maintenance Concepts in IAAFA Courses," Inter-American Air Forces Academy, 318th Training Squadron, 11 July 2013, 1.
IAAFA has been answering this call since opening in March 1943, after Peruvian Gen.
But it's not always easy finding bilingual Airmen to fill IAAFA jobs.
As a bilingual academy, IAAFA has also taught students from Kenya and Yemen.
Because, though what IAAFA does is very important, you'll seldom find anyone here saying, 'I do this' or 'I do that.
I'm thankful for what I learned and the way I have been treated in the United States, especially at IAAFA.