IABFIndian Amateur Boxing Federation
IABFInstitute of Accounts, Business and Finance (Far Eastern University; Philippines)
IABFIn A Blind Fury (band)
IABFInternational Anthony Burgess Foundation
IABFInternational American Butokukai Federation
IABFInternational Association of Business Friends (Netherlands)
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AIBA has also from time to time advised the IABF to hold their elections after suitably amending the Constitution of IABF.
The IABF was established in 2009, at the depth of the financial crisis, in order to reduce the risk and uncertainty for ING from a portfolio of US Alt-A mortgage securities.
The AIBA blow to Indian boxers comes a month after it suspended IABF.
The IABF is very much interested in running boxing in India and is also keen to hold fresh election as per the AIBA rules," the official told M AIL T ODAY .
The IABF is now terminated in its original form and all regular guarantee fee payments have been settled.
People are saying that IABF is an old and tested body.
Prior to these developments, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has announced suspension of the IABF and I with immediate effect.
AIBA will now investigate this election and especially a potential political link between Indian Olympic Association President, as former Chairman of the IABF, and the IABF elections," the AIBA added.
Mail Today gathers that sensing his week position in administration, Jajodia met Chautala in the Capital last week but there was no gain for him as the former IABF president declined to support him during the no- confidence motion.
The IABF in its original form is now terminated and all regular guarantee fee payments have been settled.
The IABF amended its constitution ahead of its September election to create the chairman's post to accommodate Abhay Singh Chautala at the end of his 12-year reign as the federation president.
BI then asked the state units to severe links with the IABF.