IACGMOOHI'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (UK television show)
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Two IACGMOOHs in a year is too much,and all the other channels do copycat shows - The Farm,The Games, Strictly Come Dancing.
The real entertainment in IACGMOOH, of course, revolves around trying to work out just what it is these figures of former public interest hope to get out of their public humiliation.
USA ITV2 7pm IF you're suffering withdrawal symptoms from our version of IACGMOOH, you can always watch American z-listers getting on each others nerves.
Ladbrokes go 4-5 for the 2010 Apprentice winner to appear in IACGMOOH.
Having followed IACGMOOH all the way through, I suppose these three and Wayne are the ones who've been the most entertaining.
Because simultaneously to IACGMOOH, another programme has been airing, featuring someone who IS a good role model.