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IACPInternational Association of Chiefs of Police
IACPInternational Academy of Collaborative Professionals
IACPInternational Association of Culinary Professionals
IACPInternational Academy of Compounding Pharmacists
IACPIstituto Autonomo Case Popolari
IACPInternational Association of Canine Professionals
IACPIstituto dell'approccio Centrato Sulla Persona (Person-Centered Approach Institute, Italy)
IACPIrish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
IACPInternational Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy (est. 1990)
IACPIndependent Association of Continental Pilots
IACPInternational Association of Compounding Pharmacists (Sugar Land, TX)
IACPInternational Association of Computer Professionals
IACPInternational Association of Computer Programmers
IACPInternational Aerosol Climatology Project
IACPIntegrated Assembly and Configuration Panel
IACPInstitute of Applied Chemical Physics (Kurchatov Institute; Moscow, Russia)
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No single factor has been more crucial to reducing crime levels than the partnership between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve," said IACP President Richard Beary.
The IACP is holding a free talk on understanding the psychology of suicide on November 27 at the Davenport Hotel in Dublin.
The IACP is a nonprofit organization with more than 120 years of history.
About the IACP Foundation—The mission of the IACP Foundation is to support injured and fallen officers and their families, protect the safety of officers, and support the goals and programs of the IACP.
While the IACP is essentially a trade organization with no enforcement powers, it has a history of establishing practices that become benchmarks.
We are honored to be working with IACP as sponsor of the 2011 Kids in the Kitchen program," said Will Copenhaver, director of communications for Le Creuset of America.
IACP is the world's oldest police directors organization, and was created in the USA in 1893.
The origins of the new IACP can be traced back to the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) of 1990.
The IACP Foundation ``Culinary Concert'' Award is a $12,500 cash award for a beginning or currently enrolled student in a nationally accredited culinary school.
The married Grampian Police chief is vice-president of the IACP.
McNeil, IACP president and chief of police, Quincy Police Department, Quincy, Fla.
today during the IACP Annual Conference first general assembly to the Leesburg, Virginia Police Department; Vancouver, British Columbia Police Department; and the Waterloo, Ontario Regional Police Service.