IACVBInternational Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus
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According to the IACVB, a convention and visitors bureau is a not-for-profit umbrella organization that represents a city or urban area in soliciting and serving all types of travelers to that city or area--whether they visit for business, pleasure, or both.
Compiled by the IACVB Foundation, the report presents a profile of the average convention and visitor bureau based on statistics provided by 173 IACVB members in five countries (United States, Canada, Scotland, Hungary, and Australia).
On the positive side, a recent survey by IACVB of its members showed that while the cancellation rate for meetings scheduled between September 12 and December 31, 2001, is about 25 percent, the rate for 2002 is only 2 percent at this point.
This winter IACVB published Destination BrandScience[TM] ($25.
Stephen Carey, CAE, president and chief executive officer of IACVB, talks positioning, priorities, and partnership for today's convention and visitor bureau - and the whole hospitality world.
Last year, IACVB was a founding partner of the National Travel & Tourism Summit.
Branding is at the forefront of every successful marketing strategy in the world today, and CVBs are keenly aware of this," said Charles Ahlers, Past-Chair of the IACVB Board and President of the Anaheim/Orange County VCB.
You must be someone who is politically astute, because this is a political position now," says Heinl, who was the 1982-1983 IACVB president and has been active with CVBs since 1970.
Source: IACVB Foundation, Convention Income Survey Report Note: Table made from pie chart.
In 1989 IACVB conducted a funding and expenditure survey of 175 of its member bureaus with annual budgets ranging from less than $200,000 to budgets of more than $5 million.