IADIInternational Association of Deposit Insurers
IADIIntra Domain Interface
IADIIsuzu Automotive Dealership, Inc. (Philippines)
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NDIC is a founding and executive council member of IADI as well as a member of several IADI Standing Committees.
The IADI is a non-profit organization established in 2002 to promote international cooperation and guidance in the field of deposit insurance.
IADI was formed in May 2002 as a forum for deposit insurers around the world to share knowledge and expertise through international conferences and other capacity building programs.
The NDIC Managing Director Umaru Ibrahim was also present in the occasion, who said that Nigeria had debuted in the execution of the Assessment Methodology in Africa, and it distinctly highlighted that the firm was a significant component of the IADI and a major participant in the financial safety network of the nation.
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