IADMIp Add-on Module
IADMInteraction between Agents and Data Mining (conference)
IADMInternational Association of Dinnerware Matchers (est. 1989)
IADMInternationale Assoziation Deutschsprachiger Medien (German: International Association of German-Speaking Media)
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Core control is much more than just abdominal strength," says Jan Dunn, a former president of IADMS and current dance wellness editor of 4dancers.
IADMS suggests having a sports drink with glucose (check the ingredients list), which empties from the stomach quickly and also rehydrates you.
I encourage everyone to download free articles from The IADMS Bulletin for Dancers and Teachers, a publication of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science that addresses common problems across the career span, at iadms.
org) lists PTs by region and that IADMS can help you find a dance medicine specialist in your area (www.