IAEMInternational Association of Emergency Managers
IAEMIrish Association for Emergency Medicine (Ireland)
IAEMInternational Association for Exposition Management
IAEMInternational Association of Exhibition Managers
IAEMInternet Archive of Electronic Music (UK)
IAEMIndian Association for Environmental Management (India)
IAEMInternational Association of Event Managers
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IAEM and NEMA lobbied extensively to strengthen FEMA's emergency management authority, bring preparedness back into FEMA as part of the comprehensive emergency management model, and increase funding for and maintain the natural disaster components of emergency management performance grants.
The IAEM is now urging the Government to formulate a strategy to ensure the medical staffing of A&E departments is secured.
For more on the program: Cathy Breden, CAE, executive director, IAEM Services, Inc.
For starters, IAEM dramatically reduced its registration fee--from $600 on average to $275.
As visitors travel through the show, they insert their cards at each stop; IAEM offers prize incentives to do so.