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IAFCInternational Association of Fire Chiefs
IAFCInternational Australian Football Council
IAFCIowa Agricultural Finance Corporation (Iowa Agricultural Industry Finance Act)
IAFCInternational Federation of Automatic Control
IAFCIllinois Action for Children (Chicago, IL)
IAFCInterim Airframe Change
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This is further reinforced by the inherently significant, growing need and demand for aircraft by airliners in the GCC and OIC member states," according to Moulay Omar Alaoui Chairman of Palma Capital who is also the President & CEO of IAFC.
chair of the IAFC task force on the ACA, said in December that a large number of volunteers work 30 hours or more a week and might have been affected had the Treasury not issued this latest guidance.
Headquartered in an attractive building, complete with modern library, comprehensive archive of unclassified IASF documents, ample theater, spacious meeting rooms, and somber memorial hall, we discovered that the IAFC is a multipurpose entity.
Por esto en este trabajo pretendi identificar que variables se asocian a la seguridad vocacional del estudiantado universitario; 2) La seguridad vocacional puede ser un factor importante en el esfuerzo escolar de la juventud universitaria, ya que si no se encuentra "segura" de la eleccion de carrera que realizaron, su esfuerzo escolar puede ser bajo y reflejarse en las calificaciones obtenidas durante su estancia en la Universidad y; 3) El IAFC puede ser un instrumento valido y confiable que nos ayude a discriminar al alumnado "seguro" del "inseguro" y asi establecer estrategias que les faciliten tomar decisiones vocacionales mas acertadas.
Duggan, International Association of Fire Chiefs, "CISM at the World Trade Center: Lessons Learned," IAFC On Scene, January 2002; retrieved on April 7, 2004, from http://www.
The IAFC document, developed with the help of the FBI and various other federal agencies and city fire departments, is on SM Online.
Dottie Hancock, a former vice president of IAFC, and former Clerk-Treasurer and mayor of the City of Carmel was awarded the 2003 Larry A.
The IAFC is a farmer-owned investor in Iowa-based value-added agriculture businesses.
IAFC 2000 offers six days of power-packed educational and leadership programming for serious-minded fitness professionals.
The notes of a 1983 "Committee of Counsel Meeting" indicate that while in the past the International Association of Fire Chiefs had supported adverse legislation, "This year, after heating a presentation from the tobacco industry, IAFC set up a committee to reconsider their position.
But, based on estimated reductions in electric-power consumption and electrode use, as well as likely productivity gains, the company says an IAFC could save $1 million a year.
Neither the IASC nor IAFC has the ability to mandate the adoption of its standards and override local regulations within each country.