IAHAInternational Air and Hospitality Academy (Vancouver, WA)
IAHAInternational Arabian Horse Association
IAHAInternational Association of Haunted Attractions
IAHAIllinois Association of Healthcare Attorneys (Naperville, IL)
IAHAInternational Association of Hospitality Accountants
IAHAIndependent Aircraft Handling Association
IAHAInstitute for the Advancement of Hawaiian Affairs (est. 1985)
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The conference would help strengthen the IAHA forum, having as its main objective the enhancement of the usefulness of written history as an instrument for the promotion of world peace, goodwill, understanding and peaceful co-existence.
The effect is rather like working one's way through the proceedings of IAHA or an International Thai Studies Conference: each of the papers is interesting, and a couple of them can be linked to others (Ivarsson and Enfield, for example), but the overall impression is one of fragmentation rather than cohesiveness.
Wuhan: Wu-han ch'u-pan-she, 1991); Geoff Wade, "The 'Ming shi-lu' as a Source for Southeast Asian History, 14th to 17th Centuries," paper presented to the 12th IAHA conference in Hong Kong, June 1991 (the appendix of 117 pp.
See Aroonrut Wichienkeeo and Volker Grabowsky, 'Ethnic Groups in Chiang Mai at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: A Study Based on Names of Old Monasteries' (Paper presented at IAHA Conference, Chulalongkorn University, 22 May 1996); Kwanchewan Srisawat, 'The Karen and the Khruba Khao Pi Movement: A Historical Study of the Response to the Transformation in Northern Thailand' (MA thesis, Ateneo de Manila University, 1988), pp.
11 See details of the discussion in Kobkua Suwannathat-Pian, "Politics and National Interests: Negotiations for the Settlement of the Franco-Siamese territorial Dispute, 1945-1947", paper presented at the 13th IAHA Conference, 5-9 Sep.
But as we speak, a backlash to deconstructionism can be detected not only among the private grumblings of more "traditional" historians in the hallways of the AAS and IAHA meetings, but also in print.
This article is a revised version of a paper originally presented at the 12th IAHA [International Association of Historians of Asia] Conference, University of Hong Kong, 24-28 June 1991.
See, in addition to his thesis cited above, his paper "Thai provincial minority elites: Aspects of their expansion on the eastern borders in the nineteenth century", Proceedings: Seventh IAHA Conference vol.