IAHEInternational Association for Hydrogen Energy
IAHEIndiana Association of Home Educators
IAHEInternational Alliance of Healthcare Educators
IAHEInstitute for Arts and Humanities Education (est. 1982; New Jersey)
IAHEIllinois Association of Highway Engineers (Paris, IL)
IAHEInfantile Acute Hemorrhagic Edema
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He revealed that IAHE will have its own website and will run independently of the IAHGM.
The IAHE has presented five awards to researchers or organisations that have made significant contributions in areas related to hydrogen energy.
The IAHE is an international organization that promotes academic and technological advancements in the field of hydrogen energy.
The 2010 IAHE Sir William Grove Award recognizes Mazda's initiatives to advance hydrogen energy, which include the commercialization of the world's first hydrogen rotary engine vehicles, and participation in Norway's national HyNor hydrogen project.
Patankar, Director IAHE on behalf of IAHE and Shri Raj Kalady, Country Director, Project Management Institute (PMI) on behalf of PMI India.
OCHA evaluations and IAHEs are typically guided by a management / advisory group.