IAIEInternational Association for Intercultural Education
IAIEInstitute for Arts-Infused Education (Marygrove College; Detroit, MI)
IAIEInternational Alliance for Invitational Education
IAIEInternational Association for Islamic Economics (est. 1984)
IAIEInstitute for American Indian Education
IAIEInternational Association of Institutes of Export
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Peter Wong deserves extraordinary recognition for his assiduous contributions to IAIE.
That includes all of the past and present IAIE staff and members of the Board of Trustees.
The IAIE statement makes the claim that "Islamic finance is a viable paradigm that is based on moral values that are more universally shared than the present system and can potentially be more just and efficient.
He served as Executive Director of IAIE for four years.
Based on the revised Inviting School Survey (ISS-R) (Smith, 2005), a Chinese version of ISS-R (translated by Clio Chan, present chairperson of the IAIE in Hong Kong) was used for the study.
To the best of my knowledge (I'm not the treasurer); IAIE is on solid financial ground.
The journal's board of editors want to provide you with an increasingly higher quality academic journal, at the lowest possible cost to IAIE, with minimal sacrifice to our readers and the actual physical aspect of the journal itself.
More US participants were involved in the study because the IAIE conference was held in their home country.
A Head of Department (HOD) from HK succinctly described her experience of PD on IE: "All my growth and success should be attributed to my parents, principals, colleagues, students, students' parents, friends from the IAIE (HK) and all the visitors who have kindly visited my lessons.
Twenty-five years later, while certainly less dramatic, the founders of IAIE assembled, chartered themselves into a legal entity, and set about putting a body to a dream.
Both are demonstrated by the end of Central High School's racial segregation and by the founding of the IAIE.
Schmidt at the Closing Session of the 2005 IAIE Leadership Institute in Hong Kong.