IAMDIntegrated Air and Missile Defense
IAMDInternational AIDS Memorial Day
IAMDInternational Academy of Merchandising and Design (Chicago, IL)
IAMDInstitute of Administration and Management Development (Mongolia)
IAMDInstitute of Advanced Machinery and Design (Seoul, South Korea)
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At the joint level, IAMD is an "approach" that is supposed to "synchronize" DCA and OCA attack operations with other missions outside of the counterair framework, specifically homeland defense, global missile defense (cross-geographic combatant command boundaries), global strike when the target is associated with an air or missile threat; and counter-rocket, artillery, and mortar (C-RAM).
4) IAMD comprises Joint and combined forces capabilities, including defensive, passive, offensive, kinetic, non-kinetic (e.
They view IAMD as a joint capability to be employed at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of war.
Superimposed on both is the functional matter of IAMD, which in some aspects is controlled even over water by the JFACC.
Limited active defense capabilities could be stretched to protect military capabilities, critical infrastructure, and population centers, increasing one's reliance on passive defense, attack operations, and IAMD battle management capabilities.
that will integrate our Airmen and joint war fighters more closely than ever as they make progress in the IAMD, C2, theater security cooperation, and power-projection lines of operations.
Figure 1 depicts one of many Fishbone Diagrams created by the IAMD Program Management Office (PMO) in its effort to identify cost drivers and savings opportunities.
A missile defense coordination forum does not exist in joint doctrine, yet a joint theater air and missile defense (JTAMD) board, fed by a supporting JTAMD working group, could provide the much needed joint IAMD planning and coordination support capability to the theater area air defense commander (AADC) and the joint force commander.
Accordingly, PACAF is working to shore up its IAMD capability and has a line of operation dedicated to the task.
Highlights of this year includes senior representation from the V4 to discuss further integration for air defence and policing; expert briefings from more industry solution providers including Lockheed Martin, MBDA, Northrop Grumman and Weibel Scientific; and an exclusive keynote from the IAMD Programme Manager of the US Army's PEO Missiles and Space.
One of the main lines of operation, one of our main objectives, is IAMD [integrated air and missile defense], and that is our ability to defend against missile arsenals.
Instead, the new vision directs the joint force to embrace a broad spectrum of cost-informed options that enable greater IAMD adaptability and create flexibility to meet the challenges presented by proliferating air and missile threats across the global battlespace.