IAMGInternational Association for Mathematical Geology
IAMGIllinois Association of Minorities in Government (est. 1987)
IAMGInter-Agency Management Group
IAMGImonti Athlete Management Group (est. 2005; Salt Lake City, UT)
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IAMG = 1 if audit committee reviewed management's interaction with internal auditing, else 0;
The last words here should not be those of Special Envoy Gration, who has proved himself both mendacious and expedient in his dealings with the Khartoum regime; they should be the voices of Darfuris that emerge from the deeply revealing IAMG Notes that stand as an implicit indictment of Gration and his cynical refusal to recognize where moral equities lie in Darfur and elsewhere in Sudan: "During his meeting with sheikhs (IDP leaders) [at Kalma Camp], youth leaders, and women's representatives in Kalma, Gration asked what the international community can do to assist in unifying the various rebel movements and facilitating returns to their villages, emphasizing a desire to hear the IDPs discuss their future rather than their past.
IAMG brings together several of the key product initiatives that we have launched to achieve this goal.
His leadership at IAMG will make important contributions to Novell's priority product initiatives that range from Novell's objective to create the equivalent of an information dial tone for data networking, to the delivery of advanced graphical user interface software that allows non-technical users to easily browse, filter and access information resources that are available from today's growing array of networks.