IAMLInternational Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres
IAMLInternational Association of Music Libraries
IAMLInternational Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
IAMLIllinois Abandoned Mine Lands
IAMLInterpreted Application Markup Language
IAMLInternational Astronomy Meetings List
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The President especially thanked the Secretary General, the Past President and the Treasurer for their support during her first year as President of IAML.
although IAML will continue to manage the Company's investment
Since 1986, the IAML has grown steadily, both in terms of the countries represented and in terms of the overall membership.
The live musical performances, always a special feature of music library conferences, carried the theme of tradition and innovation as they explored new Australian musical composition within Indigenous and Asian regional contexts, including some works commissioned by IAML Australia for the occasion.
The group agreed unanimously that it wished to request its renewal for a further three years, and a draft submission to IAML Council was discussed and approved.
Some of the matters will also be discussed with the new established Membership and Advocacy Committees, to work close in order to best achieve the general aims of IAML.
On 1 February, the preliminary programme was published on the IAML website in two files: with and without abstracts.
In the several attempts in the past decades, the IAML-US leadership proposed that MLA become a branch of IAML.
At the time of writing, the IAML Twitter account has 219 followers and is following 60 accounts.
Notes is published solely in English, while FAM publishes articles in English, French, and German, the three official languages of IAML.
Instructions are included in a IAML-L user guide that should be available when the new IAML web site is launched.
Lenore Coral (chair, Berkeley IAML Organizing Committee) enourages you to attend and reports that it is not too late to register.