IAMOTInternational Association for Management of Technology
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Their insights into the extent to which new technology has provided the foundations that have enabled the creation of the Middle East's most iconic developments will be enormously useful for attendees," said Atkins Senior Lecturer and conference co-chair for IAMOT 2008 Dr Bassam Abu Hijleh.
The IAMOT event supports professionals from a full range of industries a" from financial services through to the government sector a" and we believe there are strong lessons to be learned from the technology pioneers in the construction sector," said The British University in Dubai Vice-Chancellor Dr Abdullah Alshamsi, who will be the host for the event.
The two-day conference will bring together international and Iranian experts and top managers of different oil and gas organizations, including Head of the International Gas Union's Secretariat, Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) General Secretary Yahya Marufi, and Jeffrey Butler, a member of the International Advisory Committee of IAMOT (International Association for Management of Technology), MNA reported.
In his presentation to IAMOT delegates, he will overview three influencers that can submarine information technology programs, and offer guidance to help bring decision-making executives and IT managers into closer alignment for their mutual success.
2000): Teleworking as a new way of flexible working: An analysis of its diffusion in Europe and Spain, en The Ninth International conference on Management of technology IAMOT 2000, Miami - Florida.
Technology forms the backbone that makes many of the region's impressive projects possible, and - through its careful management - organisations in the region are achieving impressive results," said Professor Tarek Khalil, President of IAMOT.