IAMOTInternational Association for Management of Technology
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The IAMOT event supports professionals from a full range of industries a" from financial services through to the government sector a" and we believe there are strong lessons to be learned from the technology pioneers in the construction sector," said The British University in Dubai Vice-Chancellor Dr Abdullah Alshamsi, who will be the host for the event.
Their insights into the extent to which new technology has provided the foundations that have enabled the creation of the Middle East's most iconic developments will be enormously useful for attendees," said Atkins Senior Lecturer and conference co-chair for IAMOT 2008 Dr Bassam Abu Hijleh.
En su trayectoria de veinte cuatro anos de existencia, ALTEC ha desarrollado sus actividades con el apoyo de distintas instituciones cientificas, tecnologicas, y de cooperacion, en el ambito de actuacion regional e internacional, alguna de las cuales son: ONUDI (Organizacion de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo Industrial), OEA (Organizacion de los Estados Americanos), CYTED (Programa de Ciencia y Tecnologia para el Desarrollo, de Espana), PNUD (Programa de la Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo), OEI (Organizacion de Estados Iberoamericanos para la Educacion de la Ciencia y la Cultura), MERCOCYT (El Mercado Comun del Conocimiento en C y T), y la IAMOT (The InternationalAssociation for Management of Technology) esta ultima con sede en la Universidad de Miami.
LEE (2004) "A Comparative Study of Online User Communities Involvement In Product Innovation and Development", 13th International Conference on Management of Technology, IAMOT.
Evolution towards integrated product development in subsidiaries of multi-national enterprises", paper presented at the IAMOT European Conference on Management of Technology, Aston, Birmingham,1995.
Overall, we believe that this conference will make a demonstrable contribution to developing the UAE's knowledge economy," said Dr Bassam Abu Hijleh, a conference co-chair for IAMOT 2008.
IAMOT (Int'l Conference in Management of Technology) 2006