IAMSEInternational Association of Medical Science Educators (Huntington, WV)
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IAMSE is achieving its goal of providing members with top education programs at a minimal cost and without the hassle of logistical details associated with on-site workshops or seminars.
We now have medical schools requesting "season tickets" for complete thematic series so that they can incorporate IAMSE Web seminars into their ongoing professional development programs.
Each July, IAMSE orchestrates a 3 1/2-day event that attracts approximately 300 individuals from, on average, 30 countries.
Each October we e-mail a call for volunteers to all IAMSE members.
Case in point: Last year a professor of pathology at the University of New South Wales was perusing the proceedings of a recent IAMSE meeting and happened across an abstract of interest.
To that end, IAMSE is exploring means to broadcast fully interactive sessions via the Internet to individuals at remote conference sites and individual members' offices worldwide.
IAMSE members are publication-driven, so it is only logical that we would offer a peer-reviewed professional journal.