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IAMUSInstallation Automated Manpower Utilization System
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Iamus, on one hand, is a half-cabinet that has produced scores of complete contemporary classical works (figure 1), qualified by professional musicians and composers as indistinguishable from those written by avant-garde composers (Berger 2013).
Iamus has been widely covered by the media, as the first computer that composes full works of professional contemporary classical music in its own style.
A series of simple notes were fed into Iamus and through set logarithms these notes formed a base and then mutated to become a multi-layered piece.
Leading at the third last flight, he only gave way at the last to go down by two and half lengths to Premier Bay but these two had pulled seven lengths clear of the rest of the field that included Iamus.
Always travelling well, Champagne Friend was stoked up at the home turn, going passed Scarrots and Iamus and making Serendipity work hard for his victory.