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IANAInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
IANAI Am Not A ... (laywer, accountant, doctor, etc.)
IANAIowa Association of Nurse Anesthetists
IANAIndiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists
IANAInternational Academic Nursing Alliance
IANAIrish Apheresis Nurses Association
IANAInternational Academy Nutrition & Aging
IANAIslamic Assembly of North America
IANAIntermodal Association of North America
IANAIndian and Northern Affairs (Canada)
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IANA said that this data reflects the fact that international volumes are still not keeping pace with container import growth, adding that international data in the second quarter was largely dependent on Canada, whose total second quarter loadings were up 13.
based network engineer who chairs the group coordinating the IANA transition, told (http://www.
For more information about the IANA show, Profit Tools, Dispatch software, Drayage Software and Track and Trace Container Software, visit www.
The organizational ambitions of ICANN also point in the direction of a single-root RPKI hierarchy with the IANA at its apex.
Perhaps most importantly, IANA allows nurse faculty worldwide to access an extensive range of educational resources.
Indeed, the Bush administration has made it clear that it has no intention of giving up its power to dispense the IANA authority.
Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland is the recipient of a new IANA Scholarship Program gift that will support students participating in the school's Logistics, Transportation, and Supply Chain Management (LTSCM) Fellows Program.
ISHI AND IANA Names: Ishi Woods, 22, and Iana Matthews-Harris, 18, both of Eugene Titles: Co-managers, Wayne Morse Youth Program, which promotes youth development and the democratic spirit of the late Oregon senator Focus: The two use free-speech events and music to inspire teens and young adults to better themselves and the community Talents: Ishi is a drummer and professional studio musician; Iana is a poet and spoken-word performer Poetry in motion: Iana recited a poem about free speech at a commissioners' meeting in May.
The Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers, which runs the IANA function, confirmed this week that the CPA recently expressed an interest in having .
The organization was formed to take over responsibility for the IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management, and root server system management functions now performed under US government contract by IANA and other entities.
Even then the government entered the picture reluctantly and with no clear policy direction, having been virtually forced to act after three years of growing rancor over domain-name policy between the Internet Society and IANA, on one side, and NSI, on the other.
Until October, IANA was headed by Jonathan Postel, widely known as "the father of the World Wide Web.