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IANAInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
IANAI Am Not A ... (laywer, accountant, doctor, etc.)
IANAIowa Association of Nurse Anesthetists
IANAIndiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists
IANAInternational Academic Nursing Alliance
IANAIrish Apheresis Nurses Association
IANAInternational Academy Nutrition & Aging
IANAIslamic Assembly of North America
IANAIntermodal Association of North America
IANAIndian and Northern Affairs (Canada)
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Gooden received the award on September 21 at this year's IANA Intermodal EXPO, located at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
For more information about the IANA show, Profit Tools, Dispatch software, Drayage Software and Track and Trace Container Software, visit www.
The organizational ambitions of ICANN also point in the direction of a single-root RPKI hierarchy with the IANA at its apex.
Today, IANA offers developing countries, and countries without an adequate infrastructure, access to curriculum design and specific course content created by premier educational institutions in nursing.
In creating these scholarships, IANA is helping the Smith School ensure that the next generation of logistics and supply chain management professionals is well prepared to manage complex intermodal supply chains and to address the challenges facing the global transportation system," said Howard Frank, dean of the Robert H.
That will trigger the IANA to activate its 'final /8' actions, which entail the IANA handing out a final /8 to each of the five regional Internet registries," he added.
The UN's World Summit on the Information Society is looking at the subject of internet governance, which includes ICANN and IANA functions.
It features a comprehensive listing of more than 6,000 intermodal service providers and their suppliers, all either IANA members or associated motor carriers or vendors that support the industry.
Additionally, Molex global business manager Rick Griffin is scheduled to present in the IANA session Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve at 2:00 p.
In recognition of REZ-1's foresight and innovation in load matching technology, Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) awarded REZ-1 the 2009 IANA Intermodal Achievement award.
ly names, emailed customers on Friday, saying "unilateral action" by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority had caused the problem and only IANA could resolve the issue.
We jointly hosted "Operation Stimulus: Transportation Breakthroughs in the New Millennium", with a panel of outstanding transporters such as Don Schneider, Schneider National, Joni Casey, IANA, Bill Berry, Canadian National, and others.