IAORInternational Abstracts in Operations Research (Journal of International Federation of Operational Research Societies, first published in 1961)
IAORInteractive Agency of Record
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Evaluation of Stovepiped Execution Systems IT Accessibility Data Integrity Applicability SYSTEM ARMS Unknown High ALL Timeliness/Unknown MAJCOMs Accuracy PEX Unknown High ACC, ANG, Timeliness/Unknown AFSOC Accuracy GDSS * Good High Accuracy AMC Timeliness/Unknown TIMS/ Unknown High GTIMS Timeliness/Unknown AETC Accuracy TBMCS (Unknown (Unknown IAOR Operations * GDSS feeds data to G081
By serving as a client's IAOR, Proxicom protects a client's marketing investment through integrated budgeting and scheduling, as well as manages vendors and other partner firms to ensure projects stay on budget and are delivered on time.
In its role as iCAST's IAOR, AppNet focuses on the Internet as the primary medium to accomplish three goals: drive traffic to iCAST's Web site; build recognition and value of the iCAST brand; and generate downloads of the iCASTER, iCAST's downloadable multimedia player with built-in instant messaging and chat functionality, media search, and file-sharing features.