IAOSInternational Association for Official Statistics
IAOSInternational Association for Obsidian Studies
IAOSIrish Agricultural Organisation Society (est. 1894; Ireland)
IAOSIllinois Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (Chicago, IL)
IAOSIllumination-Induced Apparent Orientation Shift
IAOSIntegrated Automated Orders System
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Awad indicated that the IAOS "is aiming at promoting
the IAOS, is an opportunity to strengthen and activate the participation of
IAOS is an international non-governmental organization that
2) Teodora Brandmuller & Berthold Feldmann, The Urban Audit--measuring the quality of life in European Cities, IAOS Conference, 2008.
The paper was founded in 1895 as the weekly organ of the IAOS and set out to proselytize the message of agricultural cooperation that it had espoused since its formation one year earlier under the inspiration of Horace Plunkett.
At the IAOS annual general meeting on 3 September 1898, Plunkett summed up his position with the claim that "the ultimate object of the movement is character, as it should be of every philanthropic movement, every economic movement, every political movement, even of government itself.
They were indeed a primary concern of rural reformers and were extensively promoted by not only the IAOS but also by the Congested Districts Board and the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction in the decade leading up to World War I.
Challenges to the national statistical offices were noted by the IAOS President, J.
Supply of calibration gas analyzer equipment to control air quality and emission control and working gas labs IAOS.
By his appointment to the IAOS, Russell found a practical conduit for an evangelical sense of necessity, and was able to channel his energies towards the creation of a "new Ireland of his own mind's eye" (26).