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IAPInternational Airport
IAPInstitute of Atmospheric Physics
IAPInformation Age Publishing
IAPIncident Action Plan (US DOT)
IAPInhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins
IAPInstituto Ambiental do Paraná
IAPIndoor Air Pollution
IAPIndependent Activities Period (MIT)
IAPInternet Access Provider
IAPIn-Application Programming (remote updating of equipment by way of the Internet)
IAPInstrument Approach Procedure
IAPIntra-Abdominal Pressure
IAPImmunization Action Plan
IAPInternational Academy of Pathology
IAPIslamic Association for Palestine
IAPIndividual Action Plan
IAPIntelligent Access Point
IAPInstitut für Allgemeine Physik (Vienna, Austria)
IAPIntestinal Alkaline Phosphatase
IAPIndian Academy of Pediatrics
IAPAnti-Apoptotic Protein
IAPInternational Association of Prosecutors
IAPIstituto dell'Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria (advertising self-regulation; Italy)
IAPInternational Association of Pancreatology
IAPInstitution of Analysts and Programmers
IAPImmunosuppressive Acidic Protein
IAPIn All Probability
IAPIncentive Awards Program
IAPIon Activity Product(s)
IAPInstitut Algerien du Petrole (French: Algerian Petroleum Institute)
IAPInteruniversity Attraction Poles (Belgium)
IAPIntercept Access Point
IAPIntegrated Action Plan
IAPInstallation Action Plan
IAPInstitute of Architects Pakistan
IAPInternational Academy of Periodontology
IAPIndian Association of Physiotherapists
IAPInternational Airline Program (American Express)
IAPInstitute of Arthropodology and Parasitology
IAPInteracademy Panel for International Issues
IAPInk and Paper (editing)
IAPInsurance Association of Pakistan
IAPInstituto Argentino del Petróleo y del Gas (Argentine Petroleum and Gas Institute)
IAPInter-America and Pacific (Peace Corps)
IAPInitial Assessment Period (Canadian Forces)
IAPIntegrated Access Point
IAPInformation Asset Protection (data objects protection)
IAPInferior Articular Process (vertebrae)
IAPInfrastructure Assurance Program
IAPIntegrated Applications Promotion Programme (European Space Agency)
IAPIntegrated Air Picture
IAPImaging Application Platform
IAPInteractive Application Processor
IAPInterim Assistance Program
IAPIndependent Assessment Program
IAPIntegrated Actuation Package
IAPInitial Accumulation Point
IAPInterfaces for Application Portability
IAPIllinois Action Project
IAPInstitute for Astrophysics of Paris
IAPIn Assignment Processing
IAPInternational Association for Paratuberculosis, Inc.
IAPIndustry Assistance Program
IAPIntegrated Armor Package
IAPInitial Approach Point
IAPIndependent Assessment Plan
IAPIntegrated Architectures Panel
IAPInstitute for Atomic Physics (Russia)
IAPInformation Assurance Panel
IAPInformation Architecture Plan
IAPIntelligent Agent Platform (scalable cluster computing)
IAPInter-Array Processor/Processing
IAPImproved Accuracy Program
IAPInformation Access Package (GSMinside)
IAPInter-Active Payment
IAPInternational Army Program
IAPImpact Artist Promotions, Inc (Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania)
IAPInterim Authority Process
IAPInternational Apostolic Ministries
IAPIndex of Administrative Publications
IAPISDN Adjunct Processor
IAPIndustrial-Academic Partnership
IAPInternal Auditing Procedures
IAPInitial Approved Plan
IAPIngénieurs À Paris
IAPInteragency Airspace Protection
IAPInvestigacion Accion Participativa (Spanish: Participatory Action Research)
IAPIn-Application Purchase (Nokia)
IAPIndustrial Animal Production
IAPInternational Adoption Program (various organizations)
IAPInsurance Assistance Program (various locations)
IAPInternet Access Plus
IAPIntegrated Archive Platform (Hewlett Packard)
IAPIntrapartum Antibiotic Prophylaxis
IAPInternet Application Platform (software)
IAPInternational Agricultural Programs (various locations)
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This study aimed to compare the statistical agreement between transvesical (TV), transgastric (TG) and direct transperitoneal (TP) IAP monitoring.
For businesses, the IAP provides a new source of funding for activities, with more competitive financing terms in a range of financing structures.
The IAP, Sandage added, would also assist inventors or small companies by referring them to patent attorneys.
The key challenge in developing IAP lay in streamlining IT, banking operations, Shari'ah, legal, products, recovery, risk management and compliance across the founding banks, while ensuring that the business proposition remains competitive.
We aimed to investigate the trachea movement, the ventilation as well as the Rua changes in altered IAP using CO[sub]2 pneumoperitoneum and abdominal wall lifting (AWL) in pigs in order to determine the relative contributions of the tracheal traction effect and the lung volume to the UA collapsibility.
Canon Murray Still, who has been an Anglican representative in the diocese of Rupert's Land at the IAP, said that former students have mixed opinions about what should be done with the records.
Creating a "divide by zero" mathematical error preventing the navigation equipment from loading the IAP or, functioning properly when the system loads the IAP.
Taxpayer not properly accounting for advance payments recognized long-term contract income at the average contract price for book purposes, it deferred initial recognition of the IAP and included the IAP in income ratably over the term of each agreement.
The Party States expressed their full support to the projects TAP and IAP, and confirmed the EU's support for the objectives of
However it depends on the threshold used to define IAP and also on the type of population studied.
The Indian Residential School Adjudication Secretariat is telling Independent Assessment claimants who filed with Blott & Company not to panic in light of the BC Supreme Court's decision to disallow the Calgary law firm from continuing to represent IAP clients.
This variation in incidence and severity may be explained by casemix (medical vs surgical vs trauma patients) but also by the use of different definitions, inconsistent techniques of IAP measurement and the application of a variable zero reference point.